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Kaede Bed & Breakfast

Ipswich, MA



(978) 356-8000


Kaede Bed & Breakfast
16 North Main Street
Ipswich, MA 01938

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Kaede Bed & Breakfast

In-Room Amenities:
  • WiFi
  • Smoke Free Rooms


Japanese Culture. New England Tradition.

KAEDE (Ka-eh-day) Bed & Breakfast opened in August of 2006. It is located on Town Hill atop the downtown of historic Ipswich, Massachusetts, in what is known as the Coburn Home, built in 1845. KAEDE combines a touch of Japanese culture with New England charm in this historic Federalist building. Come enjoy a simple and tasteful fusion of Japanese and New England hospitality, savor a hearty Western style breakfast or sample some simple Japanese fare. We are here to host you for your stay in Ipswich.

Amenities include:

-10 individually and tastefully appointed rooms, all with private bathrooms (all bathrooms are en suite excepting SAKURA ‘Cherry room’ where the private and unshared bathroom is located across the hall)

-Full breakfast cooked to order with fruit course, coffee, tea, every morning

-All rooms include air conditioning, access to hair driers and irons, wireless Internet, 5 rooms also include a full line-up of cable TV channels (and 5 do not have TVs for those of you who find bliss to be a less digital experience)

-Softdrinks, water, and tea always available in the dining area

-Plenty of space downstairs to enjoy a good book or a stimulating conversation and the patio is a great spot to relax in the late afternoon

A few notes:

  1. This is a bed and breakfast where your hosts live in the building. It really is our house and our decor reflects who we are as a family. It is an older building in all its character and charm, and we have accented it with what we feel are tasteful touches from our time in Japan and thereafter.
  2. Check in is between 2pm and 9pm. If you anticipate an arrival time outside of that time frame, please contact us and see if we are able to make those arrangements.
  3. Our Japanese style breakfast is a simple affair. We offer miso soup, rice, and some option of a main course (okazu) that is usually tofu or egg based, and usually a side dish or two of pickled or sauteed vegitables (tsukemono). I repeat, it is not an elaborate feast like one might find at a traditional Japanese ryokan. It is a healthy and wholesome offering that is vegetarian and can also be offered vegan. Like everything else, we try and keep it simple, and the miso is excellent.
  4. Cancellations can happen and are understandable, but we reserve the right to charge a minimum of 1 night’s stay for any cancellation made within 10 days of the reservation. We also reserve the right to charge a $25 deposit fee for any cancellation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Use the drop down bar at the top to take a look at the rooms. We look forward to hosting you on your next visit to Ipswich.


Jason, Makiko & Asuka


1. How do I say the name?

KAEDE is pronounced Ka-eh-day. Even easier than that, say Friday but with a “K”. It is the Japanese word for maple. When Makiko and I were thinking of the correct name, it best represented the feeling of the building and what we want to do; practice hospitality that we both best enjoyed ourselves in Japan and America by creating a warm welcoming atmosphere where our guests can relax and feel most comfortable.

2. Check In/Check Out & Breakfast Times

Check-in officially begins at 2pm. If it seems you are going to be coming in after sundown and later than we expect you, a phone call is always appreciated. With a bit of coordination, we can often make early check-in available as well.

Check-out is 11am. We do make an effort to coordinate and if there is a specific need regarding check-out, please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

Breakfast is between 7:30am and 9am. Come down when you are ready and we’ll start you off with coffee, tea and fruit.

3. Do the rooms have air conditioners?

Yes. We also have Wi-Fi access, irons and ironing boards are available, as is phone service and hot and cold beverages are always to be found in the dining room. TV’s are located in KASHI, UME, and KAEDE, and we also have a 37″ flat screen in the den for all guests to enjoy.

4. Do you I get a private bathroom?

Yes, all rooms have private baths. The bath for SAKURA (The Cherry Room) is located across the hall, but it is for the private use of guests of the SAKURA room.

5. Cancellation Policy

With apologies, we have had to update our cancellation policy. As of 08/18/09 please be advised that with all cancellations we reserve the right to charge a $25 deposit and any cancellation made within 10 days of the time of stay will be charged 1 night. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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